Valentine Heart No Sew Fleece Pillows

My daughter LOVES to work on DIY crafts and bring them to school for her friends. We especially love to work on things related to Valentine’s Day. You know, hearts and flowers and anything red! That’s my little girl!

When I showed her these No Sew Valentine’s Day Heart Pillows, she jumped right on them. I especially love looking for crafts that don’t require a ton of adult intervention. If you have a tween at home looking to show off some of their artistic skills, these Valentine’s Day Heart Pillows are a perfect afternoon activity.

What’s Needed

  • 6 Pieces Fleece—9×9, assorted colors
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Marker
  • White Paper for template


1. Cut out a heart-shaped template from the white paper. Make sure to make it no bigger than 9×9.

2. Use the template to cut out the heart shape from each piece of fleece.

3. Lay 2 fleece hearts on top one another and draw a smaller heart on the top heart. I drew it about 1 ½ inches smaller. This smaller drawn on heart is only to use as a guide to cut your strips so it is an optional step.

4. Start from an edge and cut little strips, about ½ inch wide, into the fleece hearts making sure to stop at the smaller heart you drew. Go all the way around the hearts.

5. Now take 2 strips that are on top each other and tie them into a tight little knot. Then move on to the next 2 strips until you’ve gone almost all the way around. Stop with about a 2-inch opening.

6. Stuff some pillow stuffing into the pillow until you like how full it is. Then finish tying the last few strips together.

7. Fun little winter craft for the kids! 

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