We had such an amazing time in Epcot last week. One of our favorite places to be because it’s all about sense discovery. What new foods are we going to try? What new drinks can we explore? What dance will we learn? What new words will we be introduced to? It’s always an adventure!!

While our children would prefer to eat chicken fingers with mac and cheese, we try to push them out of their comfort zones as often as possible. That’s why we love to head straight to Morocco and visit Restaurant Marrakesh in Epcot! It’s snuggled right in the middle of the World Showcase and is literally a hidden gem. I visited Epcot about 10 times before I even found out it existed!! Now, we can’t stay away!

I have a daily vlog coming up soon highlighting our entire day. For now, check out the entertainment! The belly dancer was such a treat! She welcomed in all of the children and tried to show them a few moves. I always love it when entertainers get the kids into the show. Brings them such joy!

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