I have great news, LATB readers! As a member of the Tide Fabric Care board, I’m able to offer a wonderful giveaway to my readers. Using the form below, you can enter to win a prize pack filled with Tide goodies. What’s included? Two Tide tubs + 2 zipper packs of PODs. That should set you up in the laundry department for a while, right?!  So fun!

When I married 16 years ago, the first (and only) laundry brand I brought into my new home was Tide. This made complete sense because I grew up in a Tide home. You use what you know and love, right? I feel I’ve grown up right alongside the brand. From powder, to HE liquids to Pods. The evolution has been clear. Same with me – I started as a newlywed and am now a mom of three. We grow. We learn. We love… and we do it all over again.

I’m also finally at the point where my 12-year-old daughter is really stepping up and taking over laundry duties. I’m beyond thankful for that by the way!! LOL! But honestly, she has learned the same lesson I did and my mother did before me. Tide works. Tide treats your clothes with respect and is a brand backed by passionate people who are committed to safety.

Enter Today!

Use the form below and enter to win. This contest will run for one week.

Prize includes Two Tide tubs + 2 zipper packs of PODs.

Tide Pods Contest

*this is in partnership with Tide. All opinions are my own.

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