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Charlotte Church’s Daughter Suffers From Breath Holding Spells

Charlotte Church‘s daughter suffers from a disorder where she holds her breath until she passes out. The ‘Crazy Chick’ singer revealed her two-year-old, Ruby, has been diagnosed with Breath Holding Spells (BHS) – a condition which affects her when she has a tantrum. The first time it happened it was absolutely horrendous.” Charlotte, 23, and her rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson, 27, immediately rushed their daughter to hospital. Some children…

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Kmart Throws ‘Be A Barbie’ Event

Are you a Barbie girl… in a Barbie world? If so, head on down to your local Kmart before October 31st to receive this special Barbie Beauty Case for free (with $15 purchase). This Kmart exclusive gift (a $14.99 value) includes $40 of savings in coupons plus the following great accessories: * Mirror * Brush * Comb * Ponytail Holder * Bracelet * Postcard from Barbie What fun!!

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October 23rd Is “Wear Your Cap To School Day”

The non-profit organization Caps for Kids, along with national sponsors New Era Cap Co. and Hatworld/Lids, are proud to announce that the 6th Annual “Wear Your Cap to School Day” event will take place on October 23rd in schools across the United States. This fundraising initiative encourages students to donate $1.00 for the chance to wear their favorite cap in the classroom. All monies raised support Caps for Kids’ mission…

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Les Mess Giveaway

Looking for a fun way to get your children involved with household chores and responsibility? Les Mess is a motivational tool you can use to encourage your child to organize their room while learning the benefit of cleaning up after themselves. Shuffle the cards, pick one and do what is on the card. Each card has a time limit on it. If you finish in time you get a prize…

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